Message from TERUBOU

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TERUBOU was sold as the symbol which wishes rehabilitation for sightseeing product traders in the whole country to support devastated area of East Japan Great Earthquake.
Everyone will be also early rehabilitation for one day vigorously, and it’s being hoped to be able to enjoy sightseeing like origin.

“Everyone become fine!”

It’s vigor from tourist spots!
Tourist spots, vigorously!
TERUBOU exerts itself!
Everyone will exert himself!

We’ll deliver the part of the sales to a disaster area as a contribution.
The information by which it’s for a detailed contribution, it’s being opened on the Web site of mentioning in the prevention back.
Please arrange to like TERUBOU, make “only your TERUBOU” and love.
When putting a message in, please write it by a pen.
It spreads, so magic doesn’t point.
Please display it prettily.

Please include a wish in SHIAWASE NO KIIROI TERUBOU.

The detailed information by which it’s for a contribution is from here.